Home staging makes big change comes without major remodel

Despite a sluggish economy, homeowners are still willing and able to find a way to update and make home improvements to their homes. As an alternative to committing to a full and potentially expensive remodel, the concept of home staging is a popular answer for immediate aesthetic home improvements for many homeowners.

One such business is Room Wizards. Owner Diane Nelson is an accredited, bonded and insured home stager who provides a variety of home-staging services that include subcontracting in painting, flooring, construction and plumbing services. And despite the economy, Nelson says this has been one of her busiest years so far. One very satisfied customer who received home-staging services is Jen Suiter, who lives in northeast Davenport.

Jen Suiter:

Q: Why did you decide to acquire room-staging services?

A: We've been in our home for seven years, and all the walls were white and it really needed some color and changes.

Q: How did you choose paint color for your walls?

A: I wanted it to be bright and cheery, so I asked Diane Nelson of Room Wizards to help me pick out the colors because color can sometimes be risky.

Q: How did you find out about the home-staging process?

A: I was already familiar with home staging and was referred to Diane by a friend. When we first started the process, I was a little bit leery, but we really have the "wow" factor now in the home that I was looking for.

Q: What was your favorite feature of the home-staging project?

A: My favorite feature would have to be the lighting. The lighting and re-positioning of the furniture really added ambiance to the rooms; every corner feels very warm and inviting.

Q: Are you satisfied with the finished project?

A: Absolutely, Diane was wonderful to work with and it was really fun.

Diane Nelson

Q: How long have you owned Room Wizards and what is your professional background?

A: I've owned Room Wizards for six years, and I have a degree in commercial arts, and I have my accreditation in home staging. I'm also an agent with Ruhl&Ruhl, so I often provide staging services for my own realty clients as well as others. Previously, I worked as an assistant design director for Channel 8 and as an international flight attendant.

Q: What was your favorite feature of the Suiters' home-staging project?

A: I really liked the master bedroom; we angled the bed and gave the room color, which gave it a whole new dramatic look.

Q: What is typical of the home-staging process?

A: Typically, you first look to start by adding color and then you focus on how to arrange the existing furniture and other household items the homeowner already owns. I have great subcontractors that can provide painting, flooring, construction and plumbing services as well.

Q: How do you choose color for your clients?

A: You really need to listen well to what the clients wants and get to know what interests them. I have three custom-made paints at Pittsburgh paints that are popular with many of my customers. The colors are named after some of my favorite destinations; the color Rome is a rusty, terra-cotta color; Zurich is a golden yellow; and New Delhi is a burgundy color.

Q: How long did the Suiter home-staging process take to complete?

A: We staged the entire downstairs floor in one afternoon and the entire home in just two days. I can also take clients shopping if they need assistance in purchasing any additional items they may want to add to their home.

Q: Have you recognized any current trends in color?

A: Sage green, golds, light and dark browns, tan and rust colors seem to be popular with homeowners right now.

Q: How would you describe your role as an accredited home stager?

A: I get to know what the client wants, and I basically multi-task every aspect of the job, much like a project manager does to stay on top of things. I really try to make it as easy as possible for the homeowner; the easier the better for them.


Room Wizards

Services: Home staging

Owner: Diane Nelson

Phone: (563) 650-0156

Web: roomwizards.com